Budget 2012 measures and the Agri-Food industry

Government Priorities: To protect farm incomes targeting existing resources at active farmers, support productivity and the up skilling of farmers and the food sector, ensure the development of the agri-food sector incorporating, food safety, animal welfare and enterprise development in line with Food Harvest 2020.

Reform and continued drive for efficiency and better service delivery within the Department and associated agencies.

Funding for 2012:

A total funding of €1,312m is being provided in the Department’s Vote in 2012, €1,144m in current and €168m for capital expenditure. On the capital side, the Minister said that the 2012 capital allocation represents an increase of €18m on the National Recovery Plan expenditure ceiling and that this will be boosted by a further €27m by way of carry-over of savings from 2011 to provide total capital funding next year of €195m. This is a very substantial increase on the original NRP allocation of €150m and will allow a very worthwhile capital programme to be implemented next year.

The funding announced today does not include the €1.3b in payments under EU funded schemes which are administered by the Department.