Jobseeker/Employment Supports

This measure is set to increase Top-up payments for Community Employment (CE), Tus, Rural Social Scheme, Gateway and JobBridge by €2.50 per week.

Participants on CE, Tus and the Rural Social Scheme are employees of local sponsor bodies/implementing bodies. Work placements on these schemes are with organizations providing services in the community and voluntary sector. Gateway participants are employees of County and City Councils. Participants on these schemes work for 19.5 hours aweek and are paid the equivalent of their prior social protection payment on commencement plus a €20 top-up, subject to a minimum of €208 per week. JobBridge participants work between 30-40 hours per week. They are not paid by their Host Organisation, but rather receive an allowance equivalent to their previous weekly social welfare payment plus a €50 top up. The top-up, in the case of all of these schemes, is a contribution towards the costs incurred by participating in these programmes, in terms of travel, meals costs, etc. The top-up may not meet the full costs of participation, and the increase in the contribution towards these expenses helps in this regard.

In addition, given the increase in the minimum wage which will take place next year, it is deemed appropriate to also increase the payment to this cohort of workers. Recipients will receive an additional weekly payment of €2.50 or €130 per annum for participation on the various work placements/income support initiatives. This will bring the personal allowance on CE, Rural Social Scheme, Tus and Gateway up from €208 to €210.50 per week and the total value of the top-up payments increases from €1,040 per annum to €1,170 per annum.