Kilworth Post Office


Deputy Tom Barry has heavily criticised An Post’s attitude towards rural communities who are fighting to keep their postal services. Deputy Barry referred to a recent response from An Post to appeals to maintain a service in Kilworth.

On June 20th Chief Executive of An Post, Donal Connell, referred to a meeting with a Kilworth delegation in March of this year, and wrote: “An Post took the decision to close Kilworth Post Office based on a number of factors which were outlined to the members at the meeting. Nothing emerged at the meeting to alter the initial decision and having taken all matters into account, in particular the relatively low level of business at Kilworth Post Office and the close proximity of Post Offices in Fermoy, Glanworth, and Mitchelstown together with a Postal Agency in Araglin, the Company believes these offices cater adequately for our customers’ requirements and has decided it does not have an ongoing requirement for a Post Office in Kilworth.”

In relation to appeals for, at least, the possibility of awarding a Postal Agency contract in Kilworth, Mr Connell continues: “Ultimately it is felt that this would be an unnecessary add-on to our network.”

Responding, Deputy Barry said: “This is an unacceptable response and I have raised the issue with Minister Pat Rabbitte seeking his intervention. How can An Post say that post offices in other towns and villages ‘cater adequately’ for the requirements of customers who have no way of travelling to those post offices? Their response to the request for a postal agency illustrates perfectly how far removed their corporate policy is from the realities of rural Ireland. Kilworth Community Council argue, rightly, that their post office is a vital cog in their community structure.”