Doneraile GP


Deputy Tom Barry has personally handed a petition signed by some 720 people to Minister for Health, James Reilly T.D., urging that the HSE maintain a full time G.P. service in Doneraile. Deputy Barry attended a meeting in the town on Monday, after his team had conducted a door to door survey over the weekend to measure support for the service in Doneraile.

“We conducted a house to house survey ourselves in Doneraile at the weekend, which showed an overwhelming demand for the service. A situation has emerged in Doneraile where the most vulnerable patients may now be left without a local doctor due to the temporary nature of the locum position up until now. People who could move, moved to different medical practices. But a situation remains where there are an unviable number of medical card holders left at the Doneraile Medical Centre; which therefore puts the possibility of retaining a local doctor in jeopardy.

“The Doneraile Development Association are intent on highlighting this situation to encourage local people back to support their local services in order to persuade the H.S.E. to maintain a local doctor service in Doneraile and, also, these greater numbers would ensure the commercial viability of a permanent post.

“One of the most frustrating aspects of this situation is that people in Doneraile were not aware that they were about to lose their doctor. Patients got two weeks notice to move. Also, the uncertainty of the temporary locum post led to people moving without realising that the consequence could be the complete loss of the service to the town. I have formally asked both Minister James Reilly and the HSE to allow a six month stay on this decision to allow the community to work together towards increasing the patient list and making this, not only a viable, but a thriving medical practice.

“While many of the patients who have moved to another practice in Mallow or elsewhere are mobile and agile, many more are not. Those are the people who need to be protected by the HSE, by their community and by the Minister for Health.”