Mallow’s Budget

Deputy Tom Barry has called on the Labour members of Mallow Town Council to support the town’s budget this Wednesday night for the sake of the town and its residents.

“Both government parties signed up to the Programme for Government and under that Programme for Government both parties were of the understanding that key taxes collected locally would be returned to the local area. Therefore, it is the responsibility of those who are now in government to implement what was agreed.”

“The Household Charge and the Non-Principal Private Residence charge are in line with that strategy. It could be argued that, had we had a property tax prior to the financial crisis, it may have lessened the severity of the impact on now distressed borrowers as it would have exerted further control over the market. The Household Charge is also a requirement of our IMF deal. I fully understand people’s concerns and have voiced my own concerns publicly over our commitments in Europe. It should also be noted that the Household Charge will be replaced shortly by a Property Tax that will reflect householders’ ability to pay.

“In relation to the Local Government Fund; the majority of that fund on a national basis comes from Motor Tax Revenue. However, it is true that some 14% will, from this year on, come directly out of revenue brought in by the Household Charge. The amount of money that can be directed towards local authorities is, of course, dependent on the proportion of householders who pay their Household Charge. This is why I feel strongly that it would be wrong for pockets of protestors to expect their neighbours to carry the burden by refusing to pay.

“The monies committed to Mallow Town Council – and all other local authorities – from the Local Government Fund, are calculated on the basis of expected payment rates. I would urge Mallow Town Council to pass a budget on which the elected representatives of the town have spent a great deal of time and energy for the betterment of Mallow town.”